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Our dryers have not been working at my job. This place is awesome! They pick up and drop off. They do a fantastic job. Super reliable

We needed a place to take our laundry while at an Air bnb in town. I dropped it off to pick up the next day. I left my name and number with the nice gal at the location. You pay by the weight. Completely worth it!

We were in a middle of a road trip across Texas and needed to take care of some laundry in San Antonio. Good ol' Yelp helped me find this place and it was perfect. You use a card to wash and dry your clothes. Initially, you pay $2 for the card and it can be reloaded as many times as necessary. I wish this part was different as I am not from the area and won't have a need to use the card again (unless I travel around the area again). Nevertheless, the concept is great, as you don't have to worry about quarters to wash and dry like before. There is a staff member there who will help answer any questions that you may have. They sell small portions of soap and fabric softener if you need them as well. Overall, the laundromat is well kept and super clean. I wish more laundromats were like San Antonio Green Laundry.

Great laundry mat and great service!! Super kind and helpful. They also have anything you could need for your laundry in there.

This place is super nice, clean and friendly staff. They have snacks, drinks, candles and laundry goodies. They don't allow riff-raff and take pride of their business.