Card-Operated Self-Service Laundromat in and near San Antonio, TX

Looking for a modern laundromat in or near San Antonio, TX? Then bring your laundry, clothes, linens, bedding, and more to San Antonio Green Laundry! We have plenty of industrial grade washers and dryers capable of doing large loads so that you can optimize your time at the laundromat. Get more done in less time at our modern and efficient washateria.


  • 2 Loads $3.00
  • 3 Loads $3.75
  • 4 Loads $4.75
  • 6 Loads $6.75
  • 8 Loads $8.75


  • Medium $2.50
  • Large $4.50
  • Extra Large $6.00

SAGL is the place to go for all your laundry needs. We have everything you need, from our huge selection of new, high-efficiency washers and dryers to our friendly staff! Our comfortable store environment has something for everyone while you wait, including magazines, TVs, high-speed internet, and drinks. Get in and out in under an hour, guaranteed.

Loyalty Program

We offer a loyalty program. Purchase a card at the counter for $2 and start getting your reward. Load $20 and get an additional 10% in credits to do laundry.

A Clean and Comfortable Laundromat

Our clean and colorful laundromat is a bright and safe facility where you can wash, dry, and fold your clothes. Our lavanderia is well stocked with snacks and drinks for sale at the counter along with laundry supplies. We have the friendliest and most helpful laundry attendants in town. Best of all, we are a card-operated store so you don’t have to worry about getting sufficient quarters to do your laundry and we offer a loyalty program.


  • 5525 Blanco Rd. Suite 101
    San Antonio, TX
  • Inside shopping center with Don Jose
    and Chicago Pizza
  • Plenty of parking


  • 7:00AM to 10:00PM Daily
  • Last wash at 9:00PM
  • Fully attended open to close


  • TVs
  • Folding tables and seating
  • Snack and soda vending machines